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Viral Video Factory – The Fast Track to Viral Videos


Dear Fellow Marketer,

Before I go any further, take a look at the sort of traffic you can create using my methods (actual screenshots)...

Now - I'm sure you're aware of the POWER of viral videos and I'm sure you know exactly what they are…then I'm sure you're extremely excited that someone is finally here to show you exactly how to repeat this same success using a fool-proof, easy to follow method.
Many people say it's luck - but there is a method in creating videos that make people want to share them with their friends and I'm here today to show you exactly how I succeed in doing it and how you can too!
I started out just guessing, not knowing what I was doing, making tens of different videos in the hope that just one of them would go viral…. I even spent thousands of dollars hiring a professional film crew and a professional comedian to write a script. They had made one viral video and I thought they could do the same for me. What a waste of time and money! It was a total flop.

I then realized that it wasn't a science that could just be bought - it had to be learned - and after a ton of hard work and trial and error I finally discovered the secret to making my videos go viral with no budget at all and that's what I'm going to show you in Viral Video Factory.

The whole course is split up into 30 different short videos, most are around 2 minutes long, all split up into 6 distinctive sections. This is an all video course, nothing to read. Do you think I could teach about videos without videos?!

I respect your time and so I made each video short and to the point. I always hate when people waste my time with filler text or video and I wouldn't do that to you.

There's nothing on the Internet more viral than videos. Think about it, is there any image, joke, game or software that receives more exposure than the thousands and thousands of viral videos online? How many times have people sent you a link to a video and told you how funny or inspirational it was?

Viral videos are the essence of social marketing. There is nothing more talked about and more spread around the Internet than viral videos. If you need social signals (if you didn't know yet, you do!), you need at least one viral video, if not several. My methods make it easy to make viral videos. That's videos with an "s". My methods are repeatable meaning you can use them to make multiple viral videos over and over again.

I've bought so many courses that were great for a month or six months but then the method was worthless. It was always someone showing me a method that made them $100,000 in five days (which is usually BS) and then doesn't work anymore or it's so saturated they can't use it anymore. My methods are timeless. They're not some short term trick. They're based on real research and proven methods that work time and time again.

My methods are also repeatable. You can use the same method over and over again to make multiple viral videos. This is really a fantastic course.